Music Assessment Test
Musicianship Assessment

What is MA?

MA, or Musicianship Assessment, is an evaluation system for beginning students
taking lessons in piano, voice or other instrument.

Most students study 2 to 3 years prior to attempting existing standardized exams.
Rather than building confidence and motivation,
this often causes a student to lose interest and lack a sense of direction.

This test focuses on the musicality of
Sight Reading (Rhythm, Singing and Sight Playing),
Rhythm Training (By-Ear and By-Sight),
Singing (By-Ear and By-Sight),
Harmonization, and Music Theory.

The aim of MA, however, is to create short-term goals
and build a sense of accomplishment in a short period of time.

MA does not test in the traditional sense wherein students faces the possibility of failing.
Rather, it is an evaluation system designed to measure their strengths and weaknesses.

Equally important,
MA is a comprehensive music education system
emphasizing the development of well-rounded musical skills.

Teachers Conferences

MTNA, Music Teacher National Association
Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations
The Royal Conservatory of Music
Toronto 2007 Collaborative Conference
March 24-26, 2007
Sheraton Centre Toronto, Toronto, Canada

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